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Follicle Stimulation Program (FSP)

Follicle Stimulation Program (FSP).

FSP is for the treatment of senescent hair loss, the general thinning of both hair diameter and density as we grow older*. It is thought that as we age an increasing number of follicles cease to produce hair, resulting in a decrease in follicular density. Another factor that can effect both hair diameter and its growth rate as we age is a fibrosis or hardening of the collagen structure of the follicle. This process can compromise blood flow to the follicle resulting in diminished and less vigorous hair growth. FSP contains ingredients that could slow or reverse the hardening of the collagen structure of the follicle and invigorate the cell metabolism rate in the dermal papilla zone in the lower area of the follicle. *FSP may also be helpful in slowing or reversing androgenic alopecia (AGA) a.k.a pattern baldness. Find out more here.