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FSP Intensive Scalp Serum

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We wanted to put an end to the frustration and lack of good products when it comes to hair loss, so we formulated this FSP Intensive Scalp Serum, that was medically tested and proven to be an effective product for hair regeneration. It’s infused with a high concentration of Kopexil, a well-known ingredient for ceasing hair loss and regenerating brittle locks, as well as flaxseed extract and GP4G that energize the scalp and increase its blood flow. Use the serum every day, and you will see the first noticeable results after two months.

This Intensive Scalp Serum should be used on a daily basis, and works best if combined with the FSP shampoo and conditioner. Spray the serum directly on the areas where you can notice the most thinning, and massage it in. On the days when you’re not washing your hair, follow the same steps in the morning or evening. It’s designed to as a leave in serum, and it doesn’t leave any residue. After only 60 days, you will see your hair is thicker, stronger and that the bald spots began decreasing.