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FSP Trio Pack

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One of the most popular Trichovedic collections, the FSP Trip Pack consists of three products that were proven to successfully cease hair loss by several independent medical trials. The FSP routine starts with our shampoo, designed to gently cleanse your hair and prepare it for the other steps. Second step is the FSP rinse, a lightweight conditioner, that strengthens, detangles and softens your hair, while also preparing the scalp for maximum absorption of the FSP Intensive Scalp Serum. Finally, our highly concentrated serum is blended with a combination of powerful hair restoring ingredients such as Kopexil and  Artemia Plankton Extract. It should be used every day and shows visible reduction in hair loss and bold patches after only two months. 

Get this gift pack to a friend who struggles with hair loss, or as an effective hair growth alternative to your regular everyday products. Awarded by the Australian Innovative Program, the FSP range is an immediate and long-term solution for senescent hair loss.