How it works
Invented in Brazil - Perfected in Australia

A revolutionary hair treatment service that was originally developed in Brazil, Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment infuses and bonds KWS TriProtein Complex into and onto the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. Combined with amino acids, silicones and anti static agents, the results are quite simply remarkable; incredible shine, smoothness, enhanced strength and condition, frizz free and humidity proofed.

The hair can be straightened around 80-90% using the classic application or natural wave and volume can be retained with the natural application.

Key Points
  • - Protects and rejuvenates damaged hair
  • - Lasts 3-4 months; repeating treatments can help extend longevity
  • - Doesn't damage hair like chemical straighteners
  • - Prevents frizz in high humidity
  • - Rapidly increases morning styling time
  • - Perfect for damaged, dry or chemically straightened hair
Classic & Natural
Classic Application

Our Classic Application is designed for clients who want their hair as straight, as smooth and as sleek as possible. For clients with thick, curly hair repeated applications can result in straighter hair for a longer length of time.

Natural Application

Our Natural Application is designed for clients who want the improved hair condition and smoothness, the humidity protection and time saved when styling but want to retail some wave and volume for a more natural look.


A Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment is virtually maintenance free but some simple guidelines should be followed to ensure maximum longevity. Trichovedic Sulphate and Sodium Chloride free aftercare products should be used to avoid degrading and removing the proteins which have been bonded onto and into the hair; the KWS TriProtein complex in Trichovedic aftercare will also reinforce and enhance the proteins bonded to the hair. There are a selection of Trichovedic after care products available which can be matched to various hair and scalp types and colours; please see below.

Tested for Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is not an ingredient in Trichovedic Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment although trace quantities can be the result of other ingredients in the formulation.
Due to the past controversy surrounding Keratin Treatment products and formaldehyde, Trichovedic have conducted both content and air sample testing of Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment to ensure that any trace levels of formaldehyde are substantially lower than those permitted. Each individual batch is independently tested and the results can be found here.