Bridge Repair System

Step 1

Luxury TrichoPlex Bridge Builder

Formulated to replace, repair, replenish and protect the Di-Sulphide Bridge structure essential for the strength and integrity of hair fibre. Hair coloring services can damage this structure and TrichoPlex Bridge Builder 1 is used as an additive to reduce such damage. TrichoPlex Bridge Reinforcer 2 should be used post color service and TrichoPlex Bridge Maintenance 3 as home after care. TrichoPlex 1, 2 and 3 can be used as a stand alone treatment.

Step 2

Luxury TrichoPlex Bridge Reinforcer

Formulated to follow Bridge Builder 1 to reinforce and enhance the repair to the Di- Sulphide Bridges. Reinforcer 2 will also infuse the hair with KWS TriProtein Complex, Argan Oil, Watermelon and Hazel seed oils to add strength, moisture and shine.

Step 3

Luxury TrichoPlex Bridge Maintenance

Formulated for the aftercare of your TrichoPlex salon treatment. Bridge Maintenance 3 will assist in maintaining the repair and replenishment of the Di-Sulphide Bridges.
KWS TriProtein Complex, Argan Oil, Watermelon and Hazel seed oils will add strength and lubrication.

Additional Applications

TrichoPlex Stand alone treatment

For hair in porous/fragile condition brought about by coloring, lightening, heat appliances and sun exposure, TrichoPlex is an excellent treatment to replace and replenish damaged Disulphide Bridges and thereby strengthen the hair fibre.

Keratin Treatments, Perming and Hair Extensions

Prior to a Keratin Treatment and before perming, conduct a Luxury TrichoPlex Stand Alone Treatment as described above. The appropriate Trichovedic Masque should be applied at the end of the Keratin Treatment or Perm. Hair extensions can be dramatically rejuvenated with a Luxury TrichoPlex Stand Alone Treatment, just ensure you do not let the treatment process come into contact with the tapes.

The Science

Hair fibre is primarily composed of Keratin Protein and the structure of this protein is made up of long chain amino acids which are referred to as polypeptide chains. These chains are intertwined around each other to form helix coils. Think of this as the fibres that make up a length of rope.

Holding these polypeptide chains together are cross bridges
or bonds which contribute greatly to the strength of our hair. The three main cross bridges are the Hydrogen Bridges, The Salt Bridges and the Disulphide Bridges. The Hydrogen Bridges which are the most numerous but the weakest are referred to as ‘physical bridges’ and are easily broken simply by water, high humidity and heat. This phenomenon forms the basis of both wet and heat styling whereby the hair is wet through or shampooed, the shape changed with a brush, roller or styler and then heated until dry forming a new shape or curl as the hydrogen bridges reform. This is a temporary change until the hair is next wet or shampooed.

The Salt Bridges are also weak physical bridges and are easily broken by weak acid or alkaline solutions and the change in pH. These bridges are reformed by normalising the pH level. The strongest of these bonds are the Disulphide Bridges which are referred to as chemical bridges and they are made up of the sulphur amino acid cystine. These are the bridges which are behind the science of permanent waving; they are broken with a reducing agent, thioglycolate acid, the shape changed with a perming rod and then they are reformed with a neutraliser, hydrogen peroxide. Unlike the changes to hydrogen and salt bridges which are temporary, the changes in permanent waving are just that, permanent.

Although permanent waving was specifically designed to break disulphide bridges, permanent color and bleaching preparations also damage and break disulphide bridges. This results in permanent damage to the hair fibre, color fade and loss due to the increased porosity of the hair and in extreme cases hair breakage.

Hair TrichoPlex & Coloring/Bleaching

Luxury TrichoPlex Bridge Repair System has been formulated to protect and to repair the Disulphide Bridges during perming, coloring and bleaching applications. Containing Acetyl Cysteine, a sulphur rich derivative of the amino acid L-Cysteine, it is specifically formulated to emulate and duplicate the Disulphide Bridges of our hair fibre by acting as a sulphur donor. KWS TriProtein Complex (Hydrolysed Keratin, Wheat and Soy Proteins) is used to repair and reduce damage and porosity and to add strength. Argan, Watermelon Seed and Hazel Seed oils are incorporated to moisturise, provide lipid replenishment, shine and protection.