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Brunette Enhancing Treatment Conditioner

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Every woman knows a conditioner is a must-have, and this Brunette Enhancing Treatment Conditioner is perfect for both colorized and natural brown beauties. It’s blended with natural brown henna, that intensifies your color while also providing UV protection and a visible shine. We added jojoba and argan oil for additional hydration, as well as our Silcare SIlicone SEA that prevents color loss. The result? Exceptionally soft, shiny hair that is easy to style.

To make the most out of our Brunette Enhancing Treatment Conditioner, apply it generously on towel-dried hair and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. You can also cover your hair with a shower cap, let your hair soak in all the nutrients and rinse it in the morning. Shine + protection, it’s a combination that we can all appreciate.