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Hair+Scalp Trio Pack

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Are you looking for a complete solution for sensitive and dandruff-prone hair? Our Hair+Scalp Trio pack contains everything you need for soft, strong and scale-free strands. The hair+scalp routine starts with our shampoo, formulated with sage that promotes circulation and coconut oil to maintain moisture. The second step is the conditioning rinse, packed with antimicrobial and hydrating ingredients that will make a difference in sensitive scalps from the first wash. Finally, give your hair some extra love with the deep therapy masque, that will boost the benefits of the first two steps, minimize inflammation and make your hair soft and shiny.

Get this gift pack for your self, or for a family member who struggles with inflammations and scales on their scalp. All items are sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride-free that makes them suitable for all ages and hair types, including brittle, damaged, dry and fine hair.