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If your hair is damaged from coloring and other in-salon treatments, it needs a specialized and intensive treatment that heals the it from the inside. That’s why we developed TrichoPlex 3, the at-home solution to seal and strengthen porous hair fiber. It will maintain the results of a keratin or color treatment, while also keeping your hair healthy and nourished. 

TrichoPlex 3 is infused with Acetyl Cysteine that restores damaged disulphide bridges, which are commonly broken during harsh salon treatments. The addition of KWS TriProtein Complex and argan and hazel seed oils will protect your hair from future damage and restore its natural moisture. Use once per week, or before every wash if you have severely damaged hair.  Let it sit for at least 10 minutes and rinse out. With time, you’ll notice your hair is becoming shinier, softer and visibly healthier.