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Volumising Powder

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If you have fine hair that gets oily a day after a wash, you might feel implied to wash your hair every day. But that might be counterproductive, which is why we formulated this versatile volumizing powder. Infused with keratin, wheat and soy proteins, this powder is perfect for refreshing second-day looks. Its light formula lifts from the roots and adds definition and texture for easy styling. It also extends the period in between your shampoo days, and its smart packaging makes it perfect for camping and traveling.

We specially designed the Volumizing Powder to be suitable for driest hair types. It doesn’t leave any residue or flakiness, and won’t add any weight, delivering a bouncy and shiny look. To use, simply shake some powder on your palms and run throughout your locks. Only a tiny amount gives immediate, noticeable and long-lasting results.